Exhibitions at Studio Harcourt

Studio Harcourt proposes regular photographic exhibitions in its Parisian mansion. A tribute to the house's know-how, these exhibitions combine history and reinterpretations, offering visitors a journey to the heart of the Studio Harcourt heritage.

Classified as a Living Heritage Company, Studio Harcourt is a place of history, encounters and culture to be discovered.

Gallery of Portraits
Starting from December the 5th, 2020 

During an ephemeral exhibition, Studio Harcourt's works converse with those of Aurélie Mathigot.

The artist represented by the Maison Parisienne Gallery prints his photos on canvas, before re-embroidering them in different places. Its embroidery is reminiscent of the retouching of Studio Harcourt portraits. If in her photographic studio, Cosette Harcourt has introduced a writing of portraiture through light, Aurélie Mathigot offers a writing that reveals the portrait using embroidery stitch. These women offer two different interpretations of photography which are not necessarily antagonistic.

Studio Harcourt offers several emblematic works in response to Aurélie Mathigot's works. His series of Barbies dressed by great couturiers dialogues with the models of Aurélie Mathigot. The portraits made by Studio Harcourt in his early days have, due to the technique of shooting, a blurry aspect that is not unlike the blurred faces of the artist. As for Aurélie Mathigot's La Danseuse, whose face remains invisible and only movement shows through, she is just as anonymous as the owner of the ballet shoes.

Bruno Sassarone.jpg

Le cadrage des images opère un dialogue entre la géométrie des lignes et la neutralité des formes.

Les photographies urbaines de Bruno Sassarone, proposent une approche abstraite de la représentation de la ville, tout en se fondant sur un rapport direct au réel. En créant une illusion de sobriété, les photographies singularisent la représentation de la réalité et la transforme en graphisme idéalisé.

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Come and discover our exhibition every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 5.30 pm.

6 rue de Lota, 75116 Paris

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Guided tours

Studio Harcourt  is certified "Living Heritage Company" and invites you to discover its backstage thanks to guided tours.


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For over 80 years Studio Harcourt has made a unique collection of portraits.


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