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Studio Harcourt Paris


Since its creation, Studio Harcourt, out of time and fashion, has preserved and cultivated the fundamental values that have forged its success and reputation: the requirement for excellence, respect for aesthetics, French elegance and a very Parisian art of entertaining.

Studio Harcourt's aesthetic draws its heritage from the glamorous roots of the golden age of French black and white cinema.


Discover the original artworks of Contes & Légendes, a series of portraits with dreamlike and sensual evocations. Bodies are sublimated, transcended, they tell us their story, and invite us to share their secret.

Normal Magazine has invited Studio Harcourt to interpret its Tales & Legends in its mythical light while enjoying its traditional codes.
From this partnership, 11 portraits signed with the Harcourt brand were born, enchanting or diabolical interpretations of the stories of our childhood.

Discover the Tales and Legends series of Studio Harcourt Paris

Visit our online Art Gallery

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