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Child Portrait

A tender smile, a mischievous look... Immortalize your children's innocence forever!

Studio Harcourt presents its emblematic Portraits to highlight our adorable toddlers. From the Prestige Portrait, the iconic portrait of our studio, to the Instant Portrait, treat yourself to the excellence of a Studio Harcourt photo session for a priceless souvenir of your children.

Share a unique and precious moment with your child in the most prestigious photo studio in France. An enchanting experience in the footsteps of the greatest, for the little ones!

Portrait prestige enfant

Prestige Portrait

The Prestige Portrait, Studio Harcourt's iconic photo shoot, is suitable for the little ones for a portrait worthy of the biggest stars! The light comes as close as possible to the face to let an emotion express itself and capture your child's innocence. Made with the highest respect for photographic art, this portrait is available in black and white and in colour, to suit all personalities.


And since your child deserves the best, the portrait is given to you signed by the famous "Harcourt Paris" label, the true emblem of our house.

Your Prestige Portrait session

Free framing



2-hour photo shoot.

Delivery of an art print signed " Harcourt Paris " in 24x30cm format, under marie-louise 40x50cm and a low resolution digital format in a unique 500pixel format.

Portrait in Black & White or in Colors

Authenticated with the stamp of the year of your session.


Duration of the Photo shoot

Your Art Portrait

Prestige Portrait prices

CLOQUET Simon.jpeg



Portrait instant enfant

Prestige Portrait                                                                           

Reprinting in 24x30cm format                                                                 

Extra sizes can be printed in other formats on request

Additional view                                                                              


         From 1 600€ TTC

   330€ TTC

   850€ TTC

   100€ TTC

Instant Portrait

Studio Harcourt offers you a unique Portrait of your child signed " Instant Harcourt ", in a large frame to reveal the most beautiful mimics of your little one. The Instant Portrait is available for the little ones and highlights all the tenderness of your child. The American shot allows you to capture movement, posture and emotion and thus offers you a portrait faithful to the personality of your dear and tender child. In Black & White only, the photo session takes place as for the adults, under the famous continuous light of Studio Harcourt. A unique moment of sharing and complicity on our mythical photo set.

Portrait de doudoux
ouvrage photo enfant

Your Instant Portrait session

Wide framing, American shot



1-hour photo shoot.

Delivery of an art print signed " Instant Harcourt " in 18x24 cm format, in black & white exclusively and a low resolution digital format in a unique 500pixel format.

Authenticated with the stamp of the year of your session.


Duration of the Photo shoot

Your Art Portrait

Instant Portrait prices

Instant Portrait solo                                                                          

Reprinting in 18x24cm format                                                                 

Reprinting available only at this format

Additional view                                                                              


         From 850€ TTC

Instant Portrait

                  110€ TTC

                  400€ TTC

                    80€ TTC


Child Work of Art

Souvenir Collection

Memories of tender and innocent moments, gifts and birth announcements or, quite simply, the touching trace of a photo session to offer for the family... Studio Harcourt has specially designed this book to remember the sweet caress of childhood, immortalized forever. The Souvenir Collection includes a selection of 13x18cm Portraits created at Studio Harcourt and gathered in a tailor-made 15x20cm Album, a true work of art and a witness to this moment of sharing and complicity at Studio Harcourt.

And, to never forget THE Doudou of his childhood, his portrait is offered for any book order.

Custom-made work in 15x20cm format including a selection of Portraits made at Studio Harcourt in 13x18cm format

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