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Known for its exceptional know-how since 1934, Studio Harcourt cultivates the codes that have made its reputation: mastery of cinematic light and light-dark, use of Black & White, a nod to the cinema of the 1920s, and custom photographic retouching to perfect the image offered. With the greatest respect for photographic art, the Harcourt Studio Portrait is framed and contemplated, a true work of Art signed "Harcourt Paris".

Studio Harcourt Paris offers you a wide range of exceptional portraits. Individual portraits, family or couple portraits, in black and white or in colour, immortalise the moment under the Studio Harcourt lights. Discover the universe of the house and enjoy a unique photo session in the heart of Paris.

Renowned for its Prestige Portrait, an iconic service of the house, Studio Harcourt also offers Professional Portraits, Advertising Photos and Architectural Photos.

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