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Partition Choisie

partition choisie pour vente

Studio Harcourt offers you an artistic and original interpretation of your portraits with its creation Partition Choisie.

At the end of your Portrait Prestige photo session, our Artistic Direction selects a set of Portraits and creates a unique artistic composition using the mythical H of Harcourt. Chosen Partition for a couple, a family or even with your faithful animal, let yourself be guided by our know-how of excellence and offer yourself a work of art in your image, unique!

Because the star is you !

2 formats are available:

Dibond version, American made to measure box frame.

Format 100x120 cm

€4,800 Incl. VAT


Prestige version, print on art paper 24x30 cm, under marie-louise 40x50 cm.

€2 400€ Incl. VAT


Stars of all time...

An innovative work or a true photographic sculpture : Studio Harcourt reveals unique artistic variations for lovers of art photography.

Portrait shot on Dibond, American box frame on-measure.

Edition numbered 1/30

Format 100x120 cm


4 800€ TTC

partition choisie sur-mesure
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