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Bruno Fabbris


This French photographer, whose artistic approach is written in colour in a monochrome of his own (black, grey, brown), works in collaboration with the designer, Nathalie Rutili, on series in diverted, prototypal materials that cover and dress silhouettes often of ethnic personalities.

Through the works in his "KRAFT" series, our imagination is carried from Asia to Africa, all wrapped in a light fog that light passes through.


The photographer Bruno Fabbris created the KRAFT series in 2018 with the help of designer Nathalie Rutill. Following several collaborations on previous series, KRAF was designed and made with paper recovered from a large Parisian folding company. They were used as a matrix in the manufacture of pleated fabrics. The bodies are dressed in kraft paper, silk and cardboard, inspiring paintings of almost couture elegance.

Ethnic women in a foggy vision in the colours of earth and sand. All this on a "bondage" structure wrapping the body, used to hang on to the paper pleats.

At the discretion of the works, our imagination is carried from Asia to Africa via Central Europe, all wrapped in a light fog crossed by light.


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