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Alexandra Laffitte


Alexandra Laffitte's passion began with a penchant for drawing, fine arts, painting and pottery. The cinematographic approach in art influences her a lot. She always maintains a relationship with the fantastic and the "disturbing", due in particular to a particular admiration for Tim Burton.

Fascinated by the body that develops and evolves as well as by its movements, her art adapts to a morphology, an attitude, a posture, a presence, all with an abnormal gesture.


In this work, each woman's face is hidden with masks, accessories, make-up to highlight the body, a position, an abnormal gesture, an aesthetic. Despite this undisclosed identity, fingerprints are unique to each individual and each finger has its own fingerprint. The body, partially anchored, highlights a limb, a footprint and therefore the possible identification of these women. With the morphology of each model, I create, I adapt my universe with a certain modesty, darkness and melancholy.

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